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ECLP celebrate community connections in Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn

At the end of March, the community of Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn came together for our Community Connections Fun Day. The sun even shined as we set up at St Teilo’s School.

St Teilo’s is a great venue for events like a fun day. It was built in 2013 and is a state of the art building with great facilities, lots of light and, importantly, really helpful staff who helped us set everything up.

Here at East Cardiff, Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn (ECLP) Communities First we wanted to have something for everyone, not just for the kids. The idea was for everyone to make a connection with their community, with services and with other residents. We were really pleased when 100% of people who filled out the evaluation form said they had learned something new about where they live.

During the planning we asked local organisations if they wanted to get involved; as always Roundwood Residents helped out with some craft.

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Good Food Llanedeyrn, who have just won the contract for the Powerhouse cafe, ran a food waste workshop and asked everyone what kind of food they would like to see at the new cafe.

Are you looking for a new challenge?

St Johns Ambulance taught us some really useful skills using their brand new equipment that mimics what to do when someone is choking. They are currently recruiting in most areas, get in contact here if you want to get involved.

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There were lots of activities on offer and for each activity that people took part in they received a sticker. With five stickers you could claim a prize. It worked really well and we gave out over forty prizes.

Imagination Corner

Sally Hughes ran the imagination corner where attendees were encouraged to make a model of what their community would look like if they could build it themselves.

The children who took part built lots of green spaces, parks and football pitches.

Most of the girls that took part built make-up or hair salons and all the boys built football pitches.


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What can we learn from this?

Sally says

“This tells me that we need to be hot on providing education about social norms, particularly around expectations based on gender. Why do the boys all want space for football and the girls want makeup shops?”

Read more about gender roles and why it’s important we challenge them here

Why did so many choose outside space? Is there not enough recreational space in the area or is the space that is available just not known about?

King or Queen for the day

In this craft activity, we helped everyone make crowns then sit on a throne and tell us how they would improve their community if they were king or queen for the day.

What did they say?

We had some great responses to this. Some of our favourite answers are here:

  • More recycling
  • More green spaces
  • Less cars, more bikes
  • Parks for young children
  • Give everyone £1000
  • More children’s activities and Flying Start for everyone


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What else?

Green City Events came along and showed us how to make magazine flowers and bottle top badges using only recycled materials.

Keeping with the theme of sustainability we had a clothing upcycle and repair workshop by Sustainable Studios

People came up with creative business ideas with the help of Simply Do Ideas.

Springwood Primary brought along some of the members of their choir and treated us to a few numbers.




What did we learn about Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn Community?

The event was really busy and everyone was keen to get involved, learn something new and have a say about what might be possible where they live.

This fun day is part of an ongoing project to find out what the residents in the areas we serve want where they live. This day was more geared towards young people taking part, but over the coming months we want to hear about what everyone in the community thinks.

We won’t be able to make everything you tell us a reality but as we prepare for the phasing out of Communities First we want to be prepared for what comes next with YOUR opinions.

Are you interested in the future of your community? Want to have a say in what comes after Communities First?

Get in contact with Becky to discuss.