Community Involvement

Community Champions!

ECLP Communities First is here to put your Community First. Our projects are here to respond to the needs of the Communities you live in.

To make sure we can do this in the best possible way we need YOU to work with us. Your opinions and local expertise are priceless in helping us work in the community in a positive and meaningful way.

We are recruiting Community Champions! to help us do this. Community Champions are people who want to make a difference in their local area through working with us and their neighbours. They help spread information about community events and activities and help their friends and neighbours access the support and services that are available to them.

We can offer support and guidance for our Community Champions! Once a core group of Champions has been established we will be able to put on high-quality training, delivered by professionals, on topics and issues that the Champions decide they would like to learn more about. This training should then be able to benefit the Champions in their personal life and increase their employability (if they are looking for work!). We will also organise regular social events, where Community Champions from across the cluster can meet up and share experiences and tips.

Here is what one of our Health Champions, a similar health focused team of active community members, said about the programme:

“I’ve learned lots, since being involved with ECLP’s Health Champions scheme that I can pass onto others as well as helping me look after myself. That can only be a good thing!” – Sue, ECLP Health Champion.

Who is it for? Anyone over 16+, the only requirement is that they have a commitment to the community they live in and would like to have fun.

Contact: Becky Harford or call 02920 778128