Health and Nutrition

A poor diet can have lots of negative consequences for us.

It can affect our confidence, our general health, our mental health, our ability to take part in activities and much more.

It’s not always easy to know which food is right for us, with health advice seeming to change regularly.

We are working with existing food coops and community groups to introduce initiatives such as Healthy Eating and Get Cooking.

These workshops will cover budgeting and  preparation of low-cost, healthy meals. You don’t need to have any experience of cooking to join in!

We will be trying to ensure that more healthy options are available at local events and activities, so that you can always make the healthy choice.

The project will also seek to meet the needs of families with younger children by helping parent’s to help their children make informed choices healthy eating.

Who’s it for? 

People who are looking to improve their diet in an affordable way and parents who would like to teach their children about healthy eating.


Wayne Palfrey

Wayne Palfrey or call 02920 778128

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