Key Health Messages

There’s no doubt that in order to reduce our chances of developing (or worsening) a chronic health condition we need to know what the risks associated with certain behaviours are.

Knowing where to find help and support to change these behaviours would be the next step towards making any desired changes and live a healthier life.

We want to build an understanding across local people of the consequences of certain health related risky behaviours and offer advice and support to individuals to set realistic goals to help them change and challenge any risky behaviours.

Risky behaviours are things like:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Unprotected sun exposure


We will be raising awareness of key health issues and supporting National Health campaigns such as Stoptober, Dry January or Fireworks Safety Campaign

Alongside these we will run sessions that show the impact that these behaviours can have on your health and how to make changes and improve your health.

Who’s it for?

People who want to make informed changes to their lifestyle to reduce risks of developing (or worsening) health conditions.

Who to contact:

A picture of Lesley Lloyd

Lesley Lloyd or call 02920 778128

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