Supporting Enterprise

Ever wanted to set up your own business or social enterprise, but are scared of the thought of being self-employed? Come and find out if it really is that scary! If you fancy a challenge or a new direction in life or maybe you’re just bored of your day job, being self-employed could offer you the chance to be your own boss!

Are you in a group that already provides services for your neighbours and community? You can get all the support you need to develop a business that can benefit you and your community through becoming a social enterprise. Or perhaps you recognise that there isn’t enough childcare in your area, contact us and we can get you the training and contacts you’ll need to set up your own childcare business!

Whether you’re in a group already, or an individual, if you think you might have an idea about what might be a good business idea in your area please get in touch!


Who’s it for? Anyone who would like help becoming self-employed.


Who to contact: Rhiannon Roberts;, call / text 07969 185 037